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Publicis Marcel
Daily Digest Art Direction is Publicis Groupe’s new Ai platform which will connect the 80,000 creative minds to knowledge, opportunity and each other. One of its many features is a daily content feed called the Daily Digest, which has news, creative work, education, thought leadership, job opportunities, and other relevant content.

I worked closely with the product team to develop the templates for the digest while also ideating and art directing the general look and feel of the editorial content. My team was also tasked with creating identities for sub-brands, illustrating, and executing different content series and interviews.

How the Daily Digest Works

A series of editorial content and stories is presented through 6 cards uploaded daily. When tapped, the cards lead the user to a canvas, where the longer piece is displayed.

Incorportating Color
and Illustration

Throughout the digest, different content series recieve different design treatments. For this particular series of thought leadership from the Marcel team, we opted for abstract geometric illustrations which were punctuated with the Marcel brand Purple.

Signaling Launch Through Color

A small group of users called Marcelerators were given special access to Marcel before the launch. A Marcelerator brand was developed, which was predominantly blue.

As the product got closer to launch, the content slowly phased from blue to purple.

The Marcelerator brand is still active through internal messaging while the blue and purple gradient is now used to indicate Marcelerator + User collaboration.